Friday, January 27, 2012

The Breeders: My Husband's Best Parenting Tip

Speaking of increments of time, my most recent post on The Patch is about how my husband is a genius and came up with a super simple way to keep us sane.


No, really. That's it.

Your Friday Awesome: The Longest Shortest Time

Do you have a baby? Do you know someone who has a baby? Are you about to have a baby? Are you thinking about having a baby? Soon? Ten years from now? Are you now, or may you in the future be around anyone that may have a baby?


I read all the books. All the blogs. I had a few friends that had babies. I was once a baby who was parented by a mother who shared stories about my babyhood. I was not prepared to have a baby.

The first few months are hard. Those first few weeks are very hard. You need to know that everyone else thinks they are hard too, but most importantly you also need to know that those first few weeks and months that feel like they will never end, that you will never stop being required to keep a person alive solely with what is made of your own body, that you will never stop smelling like spit up and spoiled milk, that you will never be able to control your hormones...that will all end. It will end soon. It will end faster than your required quarter of Western Civ. It will end more quickly than a season of American Idol.

It will end.

And the moments that are amazing, that make you laugh, that make you think you might just be totally capable at this, that make you think you could never love any person more (but not so much that you sob every time you think about it) will be much more frequent. The moments that you enjoy your baby will greatly outnumber the moments that are hard, and you will begin to forget the time when they didn't - and that, my friends, is awesome.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Breeders: Sorry, Kitty. You're Not the Baby Anymore

Yes, I wrote about my cat. Yes, I referred to my cat as a "big brother."Evidently this is a thing that happens when you are a mommy blogger blogger that happens to have a baby and also a cat.


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