Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Austin Chronicals: A Brief Reminder

Ridding the house of cockroaches was not where my exciting adventures in the entomology of Austin ended. When you live in a eighty year old house in a hot and humid place, it is a good day when you can recognize what it is you are killing, scooting past on the porch, or (sometimes) scooping up and making it the neighbors problem.

Is that fuzzy caterpillar on the porch poisonous? Not sure, run away.

Should I leave the porch light on so I can see to put my key in the lock, or leave it off so I'm not accosted by June bugs before I can get in the door? Leave it off.

What the hell just crawled through the tiny gap in a closed window and is now on my pillow? Don't know, but kill it now before it bites you in your sleep.

However, not once did I see one of these:

That, was discovered by a friend's dog while she made dinner inches away from it. Evidently, the Texas version isn't poisonous, but they also come in pairs...

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