Friday, August 21, 2009

Now That's Absorbant!

I've got a question:

Is it just me, or are we supposed to think that the magician's assistant is wearing a bathing suit and cap made out of maxi pads?

If we are, that is pretty awesome - I mean who hasn't known someone (or been the person) who incorporated some sort of feminine hygiene product into a costume, or was the costume.

Not so awesome was their decision to give the magician dark red hair (ew).


  1. Oooh I see a Halloween Costume idea! hair fuhreaky!!

  2. huh...this leaves me feeling confused. i don't like it.

  3. Not sure if the audio plays into it at all (no speakers hooked up at the moment), but from the visuals I get the impression that it's all supposed to have been absorbed by a single pad that the assistant is presumed to be wearing in the traditional way.

    I don't know if that's better/worse/weirder/what, but that's my two cents :)

    (Also, I'm okay with the hair color!)

  4. Oh, wow, Jennifer. While the technology would be impressive, something that absorbant would get to be uncomfortable! :)


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