Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hit Girl Kicks Ass

I went and saw Hit Girl Kick-Ass this weekend and figured any sort of review I wanted to do would be a long time coming because there is a lot to unpack, and well, I am actually unpacking since I also moved this weekend. Lucky for me, I don't have to because Kate Harding just said everything I would have said, only better:
I really like the fact that Hit Girl makes some people who are usually comfortable watching SBUAALOPD [Shit Blows Up And A Lot of People Die] films incredibly uncomfortable. Because if you get past the sputtery “It’s a little girl! How could you?” response — which, granted, most people probably won’t — then it’s the kind of discomfort that leads to important questions about what we’ll tolerate watching, and why. I like that I walked out of there with a gut reaction of “That was awesome!” immediately followed by an intellectual reaction of, “Damn, it’s fucked up that I thought that was awesome.” That tells me I just saw something new, if nothing else. And on further reflection, the new thing for me was not a violent, remorseless, brutalized, potty-mouthed child but a female action hero with all the agency and skill of a man, whom the audience is not supposed to want to fuck. That is a pretty awesome thing, even if it is also frankly pretty fucked up that I thought that movie was awesome.
Sorry, that was the conclusion, but it a really good one and so is the rest of the review so go read the whole thing.

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  1. I loved KICK ASS and I love HIT GIRL.
    Finally a female protagonist that I can look up to!
    -Jackie Salcedo


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