Monday, August 16, 2010

#MusicMonday: Flashback - The Breeders

Confession: I am a feminist with an MA in Women's and Gender Studies and I didn't listen to Bikini Kill until I was a junior in college. I was technically old enough to participate in Riot Grrl while it was happening (I made the last official birth year of Generation X by three months), but I grew up in a small town with no MTV until 1993, no internet until 1996, no college radio station with a frequency strong enough to reach my bedroom, and friends whose edgy anti-establishment soundtrack was heavily influenced by The Cure.

However, when we did get MTV in 1993 I thought this video was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. Three women on guitars and bass who didn't have product in their hair, and a song that started with the super deep, un-feminine, "Ah-ooo-ooo." Yes, please.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't know who the Pixes were until about 2001.

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