Friday, December 10, 2010

Your Friday Awesome: The Force Is With Her

First grader, Katie, loves Star Wars. But, she was bullied for carrying a Star Wars water bottle to school, because "it's only for boys." Her mom became aware of the taunting when Katie decided to take a pink water bottle to school instead, because she didn't want to be thought of as any more different than she already was:
"Katie, it is okay to be different. Not all girls need to drink out of pink water bottles," I told her.

"I don't want to be too different," Katie lamented. "I'm already different. Nobody else in my class wears glasses or a patch, and nobody else was adopted. Now I'm even more different, because of my Star Wars water bottle."

Needless to say, the interwebs would certainly not let this stand. Thanks to an initial push from Cake Wrecks, all the geek-girl celebrities took to Twitter to make sure Katie's story made the rounds. Over 3,000 people have left comments on two of her mom's posts letting Katie know that girls can like Star Wars as much as they please - including the actress who voiced Padme in The Clone Wars:

"I am [the] actress who has the great honor of being Padme Amidala on 'Star Wars: the Clone Wars!' I just wanted to tell Katie that she is in VERY good company being a female Star Wars fans," Taber wrote. "I know that Padme would tell you to be proud of who YOU are and know that you are not ALONE!

"THE FORCE is with you Katie!"

She, and other members of the LucasFilm universe, sent Katie Star Wars toys and clothes, including her own lightsaber. Of course, because Katie is awesome, she is donating much of it to other children.

Today has also been declared the day to support Katie, geeky girls and anti-bullying by wearing Star Wars paraphernalia and donating geeky toys. Proving not only that girls can like whatever they want to, but that they can also be members of awesome communities.

PS: As further proof that Katie is not alone, this little girl also knows what's up.

I'm glad to know her rendition does not include the blasphemy that is the new CGI revamp.

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  1. Truly boggles the mind in 2010. But, with only a token warrior in any action movie, save ?, Lara Croft, not really a surprise. Sigh. Glad you are out there.


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