Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Friday Awesome: 100 Dinosaurs and the Awesome Foundation

The Awesome Foundation is really a thing. No seriously. They have chapters all over the world made up of ten people who dedicate themselves to support one project they deem to be "awesome" every month.

Well, (shameless spousal promotion ahead) this month my husband was picked by the San Francisco chapter. They are funding his public art/scavenger hunt project, 100 Dinosaurs. The project is a follow-up to 100 Robots for which he painted 100 unique robots and sold them for ten bucks each, just to see if he could. He did. 100 robots were painted, named and assigned functions - and all were sold before he painted #1.

He wanted to find another project to do and 100 Dinosaurs sounded awesome, but selling 100 of them didn't seem that exciting. Giving them away, however, did. And giving them away to strangers who had to go out and have fun finding them was an even better idea. That is where the Awesome Foundation came in. By giving him a micro grant, he could paint 100 Dinosaurs and give them away for free - really, come on, how awesome is that?

If you would like to try your hand at finding one of the dino paintings, be sure to follow the project's blog or his twitter. Most of the dinos will be hidden around San Francisco and the greater Bay Area but, thanks to some awesome friends, there will be a few hidden around the country and the world.

Here is the happy discoverer of Dino #2. Now doesn't that look like an awesome good time?

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