Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday: Sing, Sing a Song (to which your pre-verbal baby can harmonize)

If my kid gets antsy all I need to do is start singing. One day my mom and I needed a new song to sing while she made dinner (thanks, mom!) and I cleaned up the kitchen so we started singing this classic. Neither of us could remember all the words so we just started singing, "la, la, la, la." Turns out those geniuses at Sesame Street in all their 1970s pro-child (and bell bottoms, and polyester shirt) amazingness knew that mom brain could only handle two verses and those are the actual words to the chorus!

But, they also may have proven their knowledge of child development. Last night I was singing this over and over to my kid who, according to my friend studying speech pathology, is at the "jargon" stage in his language development. He doesn't use actual words, but can have a whole conversation and tell you all about his day in words we aren't privy to. After two rounds, he started singing along with the "la, la" chorus. Every. Time.

Well, at least until his dad came in and I tried to show him that our son is obviously a musical genius.

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  1. Aw! I love the la-la-la singing. E does that too. Except it's wa-wa-wa and then she gets all shy.


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