Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Breeders: First Word? Maybe?

From my new favorite blog, Parenting with Crappy Pictures.

I was an English major who maybe took too many semiotics classes. I also have a friend going to school to be a speech pathologist, so I might be over thinking the whole first word thing, but when the first word is just a shortened version of repeated babbling, its hard to tell.

I don't want to shortchange the kid, but I may also be the only mom who was also kind of hoping it would be "dada." It seems only fair considering he spends all day with him.


  1. We don't do mama/dada (Noah uses our names), so we were sure that, in our case, those were sounds rather than words. But we were also just REALLY picky about what counted as talking. So much so that family members said Noah was saying "bird" or "dog" or whatever months before we said he was saying words (we were like, oh grandparents, wishful thinking) ... and when we look back at video footage, he totally WAS saying those things, and we are awful! It's extremely amusing to me. Poor kid, trying to communicate with language snobs.

  2. Now I'm wondering what else he is saying!


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