Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Friday Awesome

We interrupt this almost total lack of posting this week (thanks to a pinched shoulder nerve - yay! I'm old...) to bring you another announcement about my awesome circle of friends and family. Cause you know what? They deserve it, dammit.

My ridiculously talented husband has his first gallery show this weekend. It's a benefit for Robogames. While we aren't quite that kind of soldering-geeky, he does paint awesome robots and make fantastic robot costumes, so if you are in the Bay Area come check it out. There is ample parking, its public transit accessible thanks to the new 3rd Street rail, and will have beer:

He's not the only one that makes stuff though. My friend Renee just opened up a new Etsy store, Brisk. She's selling fingerless gloves and will be selling the patterns to make them soon. Oh, and she has totally awesome models...

This circle of folks is also smart and witty, so be sure to check out my friend Nnekay and her musings about libraries and Bay Area living, and my friend Starr C., who is my role model for parenting and general awesomeness at Suburbtopia.

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