Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Sans Cleavage

The lady blogs have been railing against what seems to be the only option for store-bought women's Halloweeen costumes, "The Sexy [fill-in-the-blank]."

Amanda at The Sexist has kept a running list of all of the truly horrific ones. Forget the old standbys of "Sexy Cop" and "Sexy Pirate," they have been joined by "Sexy Finding Nemo" and "Sexy Clown." (Really? Really.)

When o filthy grandeur! lamented that she and her fiance wanted to go as Batman and Robin, but the only store-bought versions were sexy - and therefore, not practical as crimefighting garb - I couldn't help but share the versions that I made for my husband and I two years ago.

Today she shared them on her blog (note the lack of cleavage and sensible crime-fighting shorts) and I am still really proud of them. Mine was made almost entirely out kids t-shirts, and I made both the shorts and gloves without a pattern (jersey is really handy that way). The only store bought pieces were my husband's mask and gloves since I didn't have time to figure out how to make the bat ears stand up.

I also still can't get over my husband's stoke of genius to make sound effect signs. They made for super cool photos and instant introductions since strangers wanted us to pretend to thwart them.

So, here is to decidedly non-sexy Halloween costumes! Moreover, here is to practical superhero costumes that do not involve short skirts and high heels. Maybe next year we'll have to finally do the gender bending switcheroo (did you know there was actually a girl Robin named Stephanie?) and I'll be Batman, even if that mask is a bit confining.

And by the way, superhero costumes are also practical in other ways: capes keep you warm and utility belts are all kinds of handy.


  1. I can't wait to post the photos I took at the Spirit store on my blog...just you wait, buddy :-)

    I mean, they are awful...but it's funny. Kind of.

  2. Okay, great job with the costume making and all that. Yes, yes. But also? That sound effect sign is 17 kinds of awesome. Yes, 17.

  3. So totally awesome. :3
    You can use upholstery foam or something like to make the ears stick up - even shelf liner will do it.

  4. Hmm, I don't know about these costumes not being "sexy". I do remember being referred to as a "Hunky Batman".

  5. Ha, very true! But, you managed that without batman hotpants.
    Thanks for the compliments Jennifer and Sixwing!

  6. Incidentally, this marked the first time Adam did ANYTHING without Batman hotpants.


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