Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things I Read About This Week

Melissa McEwan gave us an amazingly thorough and concise explanation of rape culture in Rape Culture 101.

And as if to underscore the existence and of rape culture, a UK cosmetics company is marketing lip gloss that comes with a kit to test your drink for date rape drugs.

And the movie that keeps us talking...Annalee Newitz thinks Jennifer's Body was the victim of crappy marketing, more specifically trying to market a feminist horror movie based on the sexist and exploitative rules that Michael Bay would use.

Moving on to the glass ceiling, Wired told us about thirteen women who passed all tests to become astronauts - doing even better on some than the men who would eventually go to the moon - but were denied the chance to do so becuase they had not flown experimental aircraft (which they could not do because of gendered limitations within the military) and because they would get their period...

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