Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Get Me to Hide You In My Facebook Feed

There are two reasons (so far) I will block people from my Facebook Feed:

1. You post uniformed things about how abortion and gay marriage should be illegal or voted in the "Kill Obama" poll.

2. You participate in crap like this:

According to the application, "Send Big Beautiful Boobs to your friends. It will brighten their day!" No. No, it will not.


  1. there's also something that is going around where someone "purchases X PERSON as his [ed., never see "hers"] newest pet in buy pets."

    Yeah, I hid that one FAST.

  2. I unfriended someone when he joined all these MRA groups. Later he sent me a message asking if he unfriended me accidentally when he was unfriending people he didn't know and we should be friends again. Currently he's in friend-request limbo, hah!


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