Monday, January 4, 2010

A "Mighty" Gender Neutral List of Skills for Everyone

If I hadn't already mentioned it, I'm not a fan of gendering specific skills, hobbies or life lessons.

Uber-blogger Maggie (aka Mighty Girl) agrees. She's come up with list of 100 gender neutral skills everyone should master. Its a pretty great list - though, I still need to learn a second language and how to build a campfire.

Her list also makes me feel better since she's been working on it since 2008 (in response to male-centered lists) and if a professional blogger can shelve a post for that long, then my list of partial posts waiting to be let out of pre-published limbo might just have hope. Maybe learning how to write faster and without reservations should be on my list...

She is semi-crowdsourcing the references, too, so if you know how to skip a rock, let her know.

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