Monday, January 25, 2010

School District Bans the Dictionary

No, you read that right.

A school district - in CALIFORNIA - has banned Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary because it includes the term "oral sex" which is age-inappropriate.

And - AAAAAAAAANDDDD!!! - they have formed a committee to review ALL dictionaries to "determine the extent to which the challenged material supports curriculum, the educational appropriateness of the material and its suitability to the age level of the students."

Okay, when I was a kid they tried to ban The Bean Trees from the 9th grad curriculum because it had the word "penis" in it. And people are banning other books left and right. But, the banning the dictionary has officially ushered in the era Newspeak.

Via Shakesville.


  1. Come on, Steph--you know the only reason those 12 year olds are going down on each other is because they learned about it from the dictionary.

  2. Censorship....time for a big ass petition drive.


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