Monday, July 26, 2010

#MusicMonday: God Help the Girl

I might get kicked out of the Bay Area for this, but I probably couldn't name a Belle & Sebastian song if I tried. In fact, its pretty hilarious that I've got a Music Monday trend considering I haven't actually plugged my iPod into a computer in three years.

But, you know we all have to have goals. And like me, Mighty Girl is working on expanding her musical horizons which is where I was introduced to God Help the Girl, which is evidently a project of Stuart Murdoch's that may eventually become a movie. Anywho, I think this song is hilarious and catchy:
I sit for hours just waiting for his phone call
I'll leave the chocolate hidden in the fridge
I'll play his messages
Analyze his intonation
Please stop me there, I'm even boring myself
PS: Is it just me or do we think the plain dress with the brown belt thing will be chalked up with the skinny jeans and leggingsaspants trends as fashion missteps of the teens? I'm guessing yes, even if I'm guilty of it myself.

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