Monday, September 13, 2010

#musicmonday: Compton SF

Compton SF is my new favorite band.

I'll admit it, after going to a ton of shows where I don't necessarily know anything about the band my hopes are never that high. But my husband knows the bassist Jodi (he was somewhat of a fanboy for her former band, 187 Calm) and he said, "I think you are really gonna like this band."

When he says that it means one of two things:

1. It is going to be a band with non-rocky instruments like violins with an alto female singer so I can sing along to my iPod.

2. A band made up mostly of ladies who rock out hard.

Compton SF is definitely the later. I was at the bar with a friend catching up when they took the stage. Our conversation was cut off and attention directed to the stage thanks to the best rock scream/growl I've ever heard. It was impressive. The lead singer (who that night bore a striking resemblance to Joan Jett) had previously been friendly and chatting with folks around the club, but silenced the notoriously nonchalant to the point of rude San Francisco masses.

From there, they proceeded to rock my socks off. Compton SF is one of the few bands that sounds better live. My only complaint is they sound so good live I got distracted at the show thinking about all the crappy bands that have major label backing but need an entourage of sound engineers to make them sound any good during a show - if they sing and play their instruments at all.

And by good I don't mean amps turned up to 11 and lyrics that are an enigma. These women are musicians. Musicians that can start a circle pit.

The best part about the show was an interaction with the lead guitarist Squeaky and some dudes in the audience that when a little something like this:
"Hey! I know you guys!

I was in at your house in Tallahassee in like 1999 when I went to bone your lead singer. My band was outside and you were all, 'girl bands suck.'

Oh, yeah? Well whose on stage now, motherfucker?

And, I look good doin' it."

You can buy the EP "Hurry Up and Die" (which coincidentally was designed by my husband) on iTunes or Etsy. Then go see them live.

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