Monday, September 20, 2010

#musicmonday: Katie Perry Ruins Seasame Street

I had a hard enough time when they introduced baby-talking, capitalism-frenzy-inducing Elmo to Sesame Street. Then they finally introduced the only non-male default character and she was an effing fairy. Now Katy Perry appears wearing cleavage ago-go duds and AN EFFING VEIL(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for a "dress up" skit with Elmo.

Nothing from my childhood - including the belief that little girls can grow up to be something other than a Mrs. - is safe.


  1. There is nothing sacred left in this world...

  2. This clip outraged me so much that I just had to respond a second time! You know I'm not a really know this. If you want to show off your junk at the MTV music awards you go girl. Shake what yo Momma gave you. But on frackin Sesame Street? And with Elmo? There is just not enough time in my lunch hour to go into the rest of Katy Perry's make believe outfit so I'll just stop...

  3. Things that Katy Perry has ruined to date:
    1) Music
    2) Cup cakes
    3) Whipped cream
    4) California
    5) Sesame Street

  4. I'm also not sure what I learn from this skit. I can start playing tag without telling my friend? If my friends don't want to play with me, maybe they are really playing tag? I'm confused.

  5. Enough is enough. Sesame Street producers get a letter and so the does their fundraising arm. Completely inappropriate on so many levels, especially, nope, can't pick just one


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