Monday, February 14, 2011

#musicmonday: My Grammys Recap

Justin Bieber DID NOT win Best New Artist. Esperanza Spalding did, proving that there is hope for this world.

I have a soft spot for banjos after living in Austin. I however do not believe that it is any more appropriate to groove out by humping your banjo as it is to do the same with a guitar. Not okay. I also still do not like Bob Dylan.

Oh and Gaga decided fashion is out. Creepy body modifications are in.

Oh, and THIS happened.


  1. who is arcade fire is my new favorite tumblr.

  2. also my word verification for that last comment was "imbedn," which i find hilarious as i am bed ridden with illness today.

  3. I'll be waiting for your post about how problematic the new Gaga single is when it comes to social identity construction. :)
    But you should probably space the Gaga posts out a bit.


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