Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Friday Awesome: The Youths

At 31, it would be pretty easy to get disillusioned with the state of our youth if I was just exposed to mainstream popular culture. But, MTV and Clear Channel just push what they think the youth of today want so they can sell them (and those of us who might be older but still youthful) crap - they don't represent what the kids are actually up to. And what the kids are really up to is pretty damn awesome.

Recently my husband's band played a show at a local all ages club and his iPod, which they use to play some backing tracks on, was stolen off the stage. Now, he's gotten a lot of gear stolen in the 15 or so years he's been playing music, but off the stage while you are playing to a packed room of kids all of whom (besides some a-hole) are totally enjoying themselves? That's pretty brutal.

Well, the kids in that room who were having an awesome time (and many of whom were not at that show in particular), would not let injustice prevail. See, they are part of an burgeoning (or perhaps re-burgeoning) local independent music community that is all about just that - community. They are creative and talented and have a great time making stuff, whether it is music or zines (Yes, zines! In the age of the internet!) and they support others who do the same.*

So, last weekend during a "memorial show" for the pilfered iPod, my husband was presented with a brand new iPod that was purchased by the community. A bunch of people giving $5 or however much they could afford not only replaced the technology, but our faith in community. And that is totally awesome.

If you want to see a couple of these great bands, including my husband's, come out tonight to the aptly named new venue, The Future:

*At 31 and pregnant, my definition of kids is pretty loose so we are talking about anyone from 15 to probably 28, but that is even more heartwarming since they are all part of the same supportive community.

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  1. Gave an old lady even more hope. That should be on every newscast....still smiling.


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