Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whedon's Feminist Cred? Intact.

I've already admitted that I love Joss Whedon. And, while I've watched every episode of "Dollhouse" it didn't really sit too well with me in the Whedon cannon. Some fans, however, think that when it comes to Whedon and feminism we have nothing to worry about.

I think they might be right.

My latest post over at Mother Jones highlights the site Not a Doll that is using "Dollhouse" to bring awareness to the main plot point of the show: human trafficking.

Liking Whedon's shows and being a Whedonite are two very different things - I haven't read the Buffy comics and don't own a Browncoat. But, if Whedonites can get a giant studio to make a high budget movie out of a show that didn't even get a full season, they might just be able to create quite a bit of real life change.

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