Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 90s Are Back

Just in case you haven't been into H&M lately, you may not know that the era of floral prints, awkward-no-quite-mini hemlines, army jackets and (of course) plaid is back. To prove the point, this is what the mother-daughter Moore team wore yesterday:

I sent that image to 90's Woman - the totally awesome blog that, for me, chronicles the terribly formative years of ten to twenty - noting that it made up pretty much my entire wardrobe in 8th through 10th grade, and lo and behold, it got me included in their "90s testimonials." (woo!)

But seriously, the back to school issues of Seventeen and (borrowed copies) of Sassy were my fashion bibles. I think I had this one memorized:

Evidently Rumor found a copy somewhere, don'tcha think?

Only, um, wtf? A young Katherine Heigel shaped my fashion? Sadly, I must admit it was not yet Kathleen Hanna. There goes my cred...

Images via Jezebel and this place.


  1. I am totally rocking my Doc Martens today... the ones I bought in 1989.

  2. So ahead of the trends!

    Sadly, I had "fake martens" and so they have only survived enough for very limited wear...

  3. In the fall of 1989, my shoe fashion was very three-months forward. Now, it is 21 years behind. Sunrise, sunset-- except like in the summer in Alaska where it never really is ever sunset.


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