Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things I've Been Reading About

90s Woman makes me happy that I just made Gen X (remember when everyone was all upset about kids being all angsty?). They now have a quiz to determine your 90s cred. I think the only thing I didn't say yes to was dying my hair with Manic Panic, though I helped a bunch of friends do it. That counts right?

Anna N. asks why it requires a doctor's appointment and prescription to really treat a yeast infection or get birth control.

Anna N. also looks at a study that says girls' sports lead to success later in life, but asks "What about the klutzes?" Yeah, what about us?

What if there was just an Oscar for "best acting"?

And from the 1984 files: a school in Pennsylvania used school issued laptops to not only monitor students' web activities, but to spy on them at home through the built in webcam.

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