Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Old Navy Supermodelquins a Comment on Higher Fashion?

When the "modelquin" campaign started I thought it was just a way to not have to pay human actors - and it was just kind of creepy. But, now I can't decide if the current Old Navy campaign is ridiculously clueless or awesomely self-aware.

A modeling competition that requires one to be "plastic" - look perfectly inhuman, devoid of any personality and ignoring biological necessities like blinking. Could it be a critique of the Make-Me-America's-Next-Top-Super-Model format that pretends modeling is about individual personality?

The ruse is loosing any shred of believability it had, and not just because Tyra seems a bit cuckoo now and again. ANTM's Mr. Jay's second job is as a fashion commentator for E! and that now means not only insulting celebrities (or more appropriately, their stylists) behind their backs with the Rivers, but shuttling them into the Glam Cam 360 to make sure we can really pick them apart.

Of course, we can't dissect your fashion if you are an actual living breathing person inside of it, so this year the entire Grammys pre-show consisted of Mr. Jay telling women to pose so as to best show off their dress - not themselves.

A prime example? When Paramore entered the camera the lead singer was stoked to be told they could face in what ever direction they wanted and, of course, to be "fierce," but oh no, Mr. Jay was sure to clarify that while the boys could jump around and have fun, it was her job to show off her outfit:

To quote: the camera works best "when the girls stand and actually rock the fashion and the guys have a lot of fun." Yep, fashion means no activity (and also only dresses, btw), but then again that is nothing new since its pretty damn hard to run and jump in a mini and stilettos.

And if we had any question about whether the fashion industry actually gives a crap about the women wearing the clothes, Paris fashion week recently included this:

Models as clothes hangers? You betcha. (Also, noted without comment: those pants are a 34" waist.)

Hell, maybe Margiela is making a commentary on the inanity of high fashion, too. But in this case, at least Old Navy's is a bit more fun. Afterall, when you lose the contest not only do you have to forfeit your dream of shilling cardigans for the masses, you must "hand in your stand" - the metal stick that is shoved up your butt.

What do you think? Commentary or just another example of fashion dehumanizing models?

Image from Jezebel.

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  1. No way is it commentary--Old Navy ain't that smart.


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