Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday: Beyonce is Kinda Badass

Music Monday is quickly becoming "posts inspired by Stephanie and Nnekay's IM discussions about pop culture." It is also of the Sady Doyle school of blogging: even if its old in internet years does not mean we cannot further discuss it.

This week I confess that I am becoming quite enamored with Beyonce. Exhibit A:

There's been much discussion on the interwebs about what this video means and what it may accomplish. But, frankly I think dusting off an entire shelf of grammies speaks volumes.

Furthermore, my like of Beyonce is in equal and opposite reaction to my like of Lady Gaga. Both are a fan of the no-pants trend, however, while the Lady continues her attempts to be avante garde within the pop culture canon that she has (strategically) made herself a part of, Sasha Fierce B.B. Homemaker Ms. Knowles seems to be leveraging her creation within the pop culture canon during her youth to create a new witty personality based on campy critique. Exhibit B:

Granted, as catchy as the song is and as well choreographed the video, "Single Ladies" is a bit problematic. However, I think it was also laying the groundwork for the new awesome (albeit pants-less) Beyonce. And let's face it, the woman's got an amazing set of pipes.

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