Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday: Ke$ha is pulling one over on us

Okay, seriously. My first response to Ke$ha was an epic eye-roll. I mean really. You have a dollar sign in your name. Come on now.

Then I listened to Tik Tok and rolled my eyes again - every time I found myself singing the damn catchy, poorly written, auto-tuned to death, song.

Then she decided that co-opting the general, ambiguous, "native" was awesome and I rolled my eyes again.

But, then I saw this:

And I kind of had to give the lady a little credit. I mean, (in a so-cal party girl, I went to college for three semesters squeal) that is like so meta!

Okay, obviously all pop superstars put on an act in someway, but I don't think this is just an act in the Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, way. It's a outright jab at the pop music industry starting with a leggy, thin, white, young blonde with a dollar sign in her stage name. And if you can bring yourself to listen to "Your Love is My Drug" there is a little carrot for all of us who "get it" at the end.

Go, ahead. Skip to the end of the video.

This might just be too many years of training in close-reading, but I'm pretty sure, "I like your beard," is not only making fun of the entire song that preceded it, it is also making fun of the commodified hipster (lets all appropriate other cultures and the worst of the decades before we were born) aesthetic that her performances are helping to commodify.

Or, you know, it could just be shitty music she is making to make a buck...


  1. OMG I hated to admit that I actually sort of liked Tik Tok. I don't even drink and party, but...god, it's a fucking catchy song.

    Now I'm going to smack myself in the forehead with a Le Tigre CD or something.

  2. If I was Amy Poehler this is when I'd be doing my "Really, Stephanie? Really?" bit on the weekend update.


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