Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Friday Awesome: Advanced Aged and Kicking Ass

I like that this blog is becoming a repository for women I will aspire to be like when I am older. Next on the list? This woman:

Ilona Royce Smithkin is 90 years old, has lived above a nightclub in New York for the last 50 years, and at 80 started performing the Eyelash Cabaret in Provincetown. She doesn't wear makeup except for lipstick, green eyeshadow and eyelashes she makes from snippets of her own hair. Her thoughts on fashion?
“When I was younger I was insecure and tried anything unusual to be noticed. Now, with perspective, I can even wear something neutral and be comfortable in my skin.”
She also notes, "I feel beautiful inside and that’s beautiful enough for me.”

This week I also learned about Japan Pom Pom. A cheerleading group in Japan with an average age of 66.

The group was founded by Fumie Takino fifteen years ago when she was 63. Her theory on growing older?
“You can’t avoid getting old. Aging means people deteriorate physically and mentally. But…” she added with a smile, “everyone gets old, so why not just have fun?”
Dear husband, please take note: When I am old I will totally take up previously age inappropriate hobbies and wear crazy shit. Prepare yourself.

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