Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Breeders: Giving the Kid Some Privacy

Years ago, before I went to Austin or we got married we were joking around about how celebrities name their kids crazy things like Apple and we tried to come up with the craziest names we could. We settled on Tractor, for a boy, and Beige for a girl.

The nicknames stuck. Every time we talked about our future kid we referred to him as Tractor. I bought a toy tractor to give to my husband for when I told him I was pregnant. Even our friends caught on. When I was pregnant everyone referred to our future baby as Tractor.

I thought about using it as a pseudonym here, but I figured that people would probably continue to use the nickname in real life so it would defeat the purpose of not telling the entire internet my kid's name. Oddly, the nickname disappeared. No one calls him Tractor. We didn't even get any Tractor themed baby gifts. It seems his personality is bigger than any nicknames that preceded him.

I still haven't come up with a good moniker for him, and I don't plan on sharing his real name, 'cause well the internet can be full of weirdos - no offense.

My recent Patch post talks about keeping the weirdos at bay and also trying not to leave a totally embarrassing internet legacy before the kid can have a say about it.

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