Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: Smile - Ska for Kids

My baby loves music. Probably because his dad loves it, too. They spend a lot of the day listening to records and making music. Adam actually helped make this one. He did the cover art while we were waiting for the kid to arrive and had a really fun time with it.

That's the theme of this record - fun, fun, fun. One or another of Adam's bands has been on Asian Man Records for last fifteen years or so, and I can attest - dude is fun. When he's not making music and running the label, Mike Park is busy marrying us and everyone else we know. Seriously, if you need someone to marry you, he is really good at it. Your ceremony will be romantic and heartfelt, but also super fun.

He is also really good at making kids music. All the big kid and baby blogs (and punk news sites) have been all over this record. Mike has two ridiculously adorable kids of his own to inspire him so I'm not surprised.

So (shameless plug), if you buy this record I would suggest foregoing iTunes and getting the CD version through good old fashioned mail order, it looks like a Little Golden Book and it comes with crayons so your kid can color the coloring book pages inside. See...FUN!

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