Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Evil is Your Overpriced T-Shirt?

In my undergrad Intro to Women's Studies course, one assignment required us to write a manifesta based on Valerie Solanas' SCUM manifesto.*

The overarching theme of the course was popular culture, so my group wrote the "And Your Mom's a Bitch" Anti-Abercrombie manifesta. In it, we railed about how Abercrombie and Fitch was sexist, racist, classist, sizist, get the general idea...and created stickers to sneak into fitting rooms that said things like "You are more beautiful without that," or something to that effect.

I hadn't heard of the brand until I got to college and was surrounded by people who's parents were in a higher tax bracket (or who aspired to be) than those I went to high school with. But all I had to do was see one non-catalog and witness employees in nothing but scarves, Uggs and their skivvies to know I would not be contributing to their profit-margin.

Now we find out that Abercombie banished one employee in their London store for violating their 45 page long "Look Policy." How did she violate it? With a prosthetic arm.

Fortunately, the former employee is finishing up her law degree.

But while it hasn't really been an issue not supporting A&F's ickiness, there is another clothing company which I equally abhor, but from which I own a number of t-shirts.

Granted, I have never bought anything at an American Apparel store, since I don't really need a lime green onesie. But, every single independent or socially conscious band prints their merchandise on the those oh-so-soft t-shirts and lots of independent designers do the same. So, in order to support them, I have to support Dov "Douchebag" Charney.

My list of grievances against all of this guys "alleged" ridiculousness is quite long, but here are a few highlights:
Now, not only is he firing "ugly" employees, he is micro-managing it by requiring all stories to send in a group photo.

*Try to think of it as a historical document and not just, "you crazy, lady!" Though she might have been just a little of that, too.


  1. I heart this blog so much... you always say exactly what I've been thinking. I never realized that I hated AF and AmAp with such simular passion... thanks for pointing out that it's basically the same shit just wrapped in different fabric.

  2. Thanks!
    You, though, could use a lime green onesie.


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