Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've About Had Enough, Google.

Dear Google,

Oh, come on! I thought we had this all sorted out? I thought you were gonna be nice and not send me on any more wild goose chases and I wasn't gonna call you a poser anymore? I guess one of us was the bigger person, and it wasn't you, Google.

You know, I suspected I shouldn't trust you. There I was, getting ready to go to the north bay again, when I realized I couldn't quite remember how to get to my friend's lovely oasis in Healdsburg. I purposefully didn't use my computer, because I bet you have my IP address on some sort of black list, but you knew it was me didn't you?

You know how I know? Because I had gotten directions from you before to get to the very same place and they were correct. You made the trip so easy - and thank goodness, too, because it was raining cats and dogs that time and those highways up there are all under construction and the roads are all very narrow and windy, so I really could have gotten lost or worse, couldn't I? But you took care of me, Google. You made sure I had the right directions and the right mileage so I could anticipate when I would need to turn, even if it was after a bend in the road.

But not this time. No, this time you screwed up the names of the exit signs on purpose didn't you? Because we got off on Healdsburg Avenue like you told us to, and it didn't look at all like I remembered. We were in the middle of fields and vineyards instead of the center of the town like I remembered. Luckily, my husband had been paying attention to the freeway signs and knew that the next exit was Central Healdsburg. He wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, becuase he thought that is probably what you meant.

Yeah well I'm not buying it. See? Even on your fancy satellite view you can see that you actually point towards the Central Healdsburg exit, but you told us to take the one before it.

View Larger Map

When we got back on the freeway and took the Central Healdsburg exit, we could turn left on Mill Street just like you told us to.

I bet you'll say that we should have printed out the map and that would have helped, well even if we did, its only that giant map that doesn't do much good. And don't you even start to tell me I should have used turn by turn directions - that is just a waste of paper, Google! And I don't have one of those fancy smart phones so I couldn't just look at it as we drove, either. Even if I did, you know that cell phone reception sucks up there.

So, now that is three times you have really tried to mess me up, Google. Can we please broker a peace agreement? I mean you would feel really bad if one of these days I got really lost. And I don't want to have to threaten to switch to MapQuest.


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