Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Bible Study

Four billboards are gracing the 1-30 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area through September, including this one:

Five local Metropolitan Community Churches installed them as an attempt "to engage people in friendly discussion about Jesus’ message of inclusion." They are part of the larger Would Jesus Discriminate campaign:
"Throughout the history of Christianity, many religious institutions have used their interpretation of the Bible to justify discrimination against women, ethnic minorities, and people with a different sexual orientation and/or identity issues. In particular, the dominant conversations around sexual orientation and gender identity issues have been framed in religious bigotry and intolerance. Many still maintain discriminatory beliefs, not because they think it is right, but because they have never actually examined their own beliefs closely. This campaign asks the question and initiates the dialog around the question: "Would Jesus discriminate?" Our viewpoint is that discrimination was not a part of Jesus' message, nor is it part of the best of any Christian church's ministry."
Of course, the local news station framed the story with quotes about hatred, like Pastor Sam Dennis who thinks its appropriate to equate homosexuality with adultery and murder. How charitable of him. And from Christine Lutz who was "disgusted" and asked "how dare you take the scriptures and twist it to fit your needs." Yeah, Christine. Good question. How dare you?

I would rather give the final word to voices of compassion, love and humanity, like the Reverend Colleen Farruagh:"There are people who have told us to reread our Bible which is the very question we're asking others to do."

Thanks to Amplify Your Voice for the heads up.

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