Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update: As if the bad design wasn't enough...

My friend Nnekay sent me this email today as a follow-up to my posts about the craptasticly designed VA mental health ads that are all over the Bay Area:
I was on bart not too long ago and saw the ad. Which was as horrible as you described it, but then I noticed something else was wrong...something that would make the sign a touch more difficult to read.

Yep, that's right. An ad (albeit a poorly designed one) attempting to offer our returning men and women help in finding secure footing after returning from warfare, was placed upside down.

Nnekay says that we might be able to explain this carelessness because the ad next to it was this:

I am sure the worker who put these ads up was rushed and exhausted since, while we can question the thinking behind many BART policies, I'm assuming they have the wherewithal to put these up when the BART isn't running between midnight and 5:00am, but oh the irony.

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