Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OMG! Liv Dolls Totally Aren't Bratz, LOL

Here's an idea: if you set out to create a new toy with the mindset that you are going to break out of your trend of making "toys for boys," you are probably going to create a toy that won't offer a real alternative in the "girl aisle." Particularly if you think the problem with Bratz is their collagen-injected lips and inflexible joints, and that Barbie's only problem is that she sets her career sights too high.

You can read more about Spin Masters (no really, that is their name) attempt to give 6-10 year-old girls "what they really want" at Mother Jones.

Image via ShoppingBlog.


  1. First, which one is supposed to be the black doll? Second, I agree absolutely, at least Barbie could be a doctor, president or astronaut.

  2. lol. let me guess. one's an artist, one plays guitar, one's into sports, and one i right?

    i work retail and i gag every time i have to go down the toys aisles. bright pink paper even backs the walls of the shelves. so frustrating. plus, i think i'm my workplace's token feminist, which basically means no one listens to my rants...

  3. ding, ding, ding! correct!

    Thank goodness the internet is here to rant to!

  4. ha--and i got that without even seeing one commercial for these dolls yet. why? because every doll girl group is the same. i guess girls can't be good at anything other than those four things, huh? ugh...

    i certainly appreciate all the feminist bloggers. after an obnoxious day at work i can come home and vent to strangers :)


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