Friday, September 18, 2009

Your Friday Awesome

Lets face it. This this week has been chock full of asshats yelling about how they aren't racist and this country isn't racist while people are holding signs of the President of the United States made to look like every stereotype of those crazy people from Africa (its a country right?) that are not like "us" and are evil pinko communists...or fascists...or wait we are mixing our metaphors here...nevermind, look at that guy cause he is totally more racist than we are!

In other words, it has been a cringe-inducing, not awesome week of dealing with people who do not understand logic. So how do you engage people who renounce logic and critical thinking (because its what those commie pinko bastards do)? Well sometimes you don't. Instead you exploit idiots because you have just had enough.

That is what Heather Armstrong of Dooce did. Since she has had to deal with asshats of the internet, who actually might not be racist, but are sure as shit sexist, homophobic and just plain kooky, she created Monetizing the Hate, where all hateful comments go not to die, but to put some change in her kid's college and/or therapy and/or candy funds.

Of course, while the project is awesome, the comments are drivel, so here is your unicorn chaser:

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